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Links to Some Great Sites, Reputable Breeders, and Others . . . Updated 1/24/13


* Websites I have helped design and/or maintain now *

{There are many others I have helped start their own website, that do their own updates}


www.gordonfamilydobermans.webs.com               www.windwalkerrabbitry.webs.com/   


      www.toyaustralianshepherds.biz                       www.awesomeminiaussies.weebly.com


     www.littlepuppydogtails.webs.com                       www.caperingvalleynubians.webs.com

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Miniature Horse Links

Boer Goat Links

Australian Shepherd Links

Rabbit Links

Nubian Goat Links

Peacock Links Etc...

Miniature Horse Breeders and Horse Website Information, Registration, Etc...

Miniature Horse Breeders

Miniature Horse Websites








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Rabbit Breeders and Info on Breeds

Rabbit Breeders

SS Hilltop Rabbits (Holland Lops & Netherland Dwarf) www.sshilltoprabbits.webs.com/ ~  Missouri

Wanda's N. Dwarf & Polish www.freewebs.com/wandasorangedwarfsandpolishrabbits/ ~  Canada

Spring Creek Gems (Netherland Dwarfs) www.natureschild.net/SCG.html  ~  Tennessee

Past Loppy rabbit breeder with other links:  www.firedoverabbitry.com/

Rabbit Associations & Info on Breeds

American Rabbit Breeders Association:  http://arba.net/breeds.htm

National Mini Rex Rabbit Club:  http://www.nmrrc.net

Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club:  http://www.hlrsc.com

American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club:  http://www.andrc.com

Mini Rex Breed Description

Holland Lop Breed Description

Netherland Dwarf Breed Description

Boer Goat Breeders, Registration Sites, and Information

Boer Goat Breeders

Double J Farms  www.freewebs.com/doublejfarms/  ~   Nowata, OK

Shelton Goat Farm www.freewebs.com/sheltongoatfarm/  ~   Brighton, IL

Cory-Chrissy Boer Goats  www.freewebs.com/cory-chrissysgoatfarm/  ~   Ashland City, TN 

Motes Clear Creek Farm  www.motesclearcreekfarms.com/  ~   S. African Boers

TH Boer Goats  www.freewebs.com/southlady2/  ~   Erwinville, LA

KC & the Boer Goat Band  www.kcboergoatband.com/   ~   Folsom, LA

Barksdale, Tx  ~  www.boergoats.cc/about.html

Lufkin, Tx  ~  www.gkgboergoats.com/index.html 

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Registration Sites & Information

Calendar of Events, Sale Dates, Breeder Directory, & Other Info (click on icon below)

Due Date Calendar; click date bred to see due date (click on icon) > > >


(Click on an icon to go to their website)

Nubian Goat Breeders and Registration Site

Nubian Goat Breeders & Info

ADGA:  http://www.adga.org/MemberWebSites.htm

All sizes of Australian Shepherd Breeders (a list of some reputable breeders)

Australian Shepherd Breeders

Briarbrook Kennels  www.briarbrookaussies.com/BriarbrookWelcome.htm  Carthage, Missouri

Damco Farm Australian Shepherds  www.damcofarm.com/index.htm  Newcastle, Oklahoma

Horse Creek Aussies  www.horsecreekaussies.com/index.htm  Cordell, Oklahoma

McLemore Aussies  www.circlemaussies.com/standard-puppies.htm  Oklahoma

Miniature Australian Shepherd Breeders

North Mountain Fork Companions www.northmountainforkcompanions.com/ SouthEast Oklahoma

Ranch Aussies  www.ranchaussies.com/  Colorado

Hillside Kennels www.awesomeminiaussies.com/ Central Kansas

Lil Creek Ranch  www.lilcreekranch.com/  Abilene, Kansas

Kalypso Kennels  www.kalypsokennels.com/  Collinsville, Texas

Bold Heart Mini Aussies  www.boldheartminiaussies.com/index.html  Arizona

Toy Australian Shepherd Breeders

Circle A Farm Aussies www.circleafarmaussiesandmore.weebly.com/ Rixeyville, Virginia

True Blue Toy Aussies  www.toyaustralianshepherds.biz  British Columbia, Canada

Peacock Breeders, Information, 4-H site, etc...

Peacock Breeders & Information

U.P.A. Breeders:  http://www.peafowl.org/breeders.htm


http://www.backroadsfarms.com/    Montezuma, Ks  (not sure if still in business?)

 http://www.leggspeafowl.com/    Kansas City , Mo

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4-H Websites:



If any of these links do not work or open properly...

Please Email Me so that I may fix them. Thank You!

 Thank You to All for these great websites...We appreciate them!

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