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We  offer  Reasonably  Priced  Quality  Pigs

If you are interested in some piglets... Contact us!

Choice will be in the order of deposits received.  Deposit is 1/2 down and non-refundable.

One week is given for receipt of deposit, then piglet(s) will be available to the next buyer/deposit.

Tell us your prefferences.  We'll notify you by Email when piglets are born.

Summer/Feeder piglet prices are:

$50 - $75  each

Weaned price, will increase as they age.

December to March piglet prices are:

$75 - $150 each

Depending on show quality

Prices are adjusted depending on available piglets and cost of feed.

Piglets are worked before you get them, this includes:

Dewormed, Castrated (unless selling as a boar), Ear Notch (only as needed).

If buying a boar, we need to have a deposit in place soon to not castrate your choice.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to Contact us.

Home Grown Pork ~ Updated 7/31/19

All Aug/Sept Hogs are SOLD!

Winter Feeders need reserved before first of October!

We have piglets born between Dec/March and June/August.  Let us know if you want us to feed one up for you!

Pay in full or Pay as we feed them! {All money paid is non-refundable}

We typically process around 300lbs.  On average 50lbs per month growth rate, so it would take 6 months to reach 300lbs.

Email us  if you have more questions or would like to reserve a hog.


HOME GROWN PORK ~ Bred and raised here, all natural growth!

We offer our own 4H raised pigs for butcher once/twice a year

{Can buy a whole or half a hog}

Pay in full or Pay as we feed them! {All money paid is non-refundable}

Pig cost for a WHOLE pig: $300 {220-240lbs} ... $375 {280-300lbs}

We schedule and deliver them to Fowler "T&T Processing". Delivery to another processor will have added fuel cost, and prescheduled date set.

Processing is paid separately when picked up. Processing at T&T Processing is $120-$160 for a whole pig {depends on weight}.

Take home is about 65% of the weight of the pig.

Your TOTAL Cost is between $2.40-$2.90/per pound of pork!!!

Email us  if you have more questions or would like to reserve a hog.

~ Upcoming Piglets for sale ~ Updated ... 7/31/19

   Available NOW...

1. Piglets available.

Stainless Steel Feeder ~ Etc...

Copy and paste link to view what is currently available:


   Coming Soon ...

Will breed for Piglets Dec 2019 to Jan 2020

 Discounts are available, per Quality & Availability. 

 Click Here to Email Us 

We can send pictures and details by email or on facebook!

View  PAST PIGLETS  here!

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