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We offer Reasonably Priced QUALITY pigs, in a variety of crosses with hampshire, blue butt, duroc and exotics!

We work ALL our piglets before they leave for their new homes.  Including: Dewormed and Castration (unless purchasing a boar).  Additional can include:  Ear notching and Eye teeth cut.

Our pigs have excelled in show, breeding, and are a wonderful addition to the freezer!




Pictured at 4 months, 6 months, and 8 months.

Blue Butt

He has the length to add to any offspring and he is square and nicely built!

Couldn't be happier.  He had an excellent group of piglets!  Thick & stout!

{Reference Boar Only}

Exotic Black

Picture of Samson while working the girls.

Samson is very thick built Boar.  He does have a large off belt and his markings on his hind legs are just above the hocks.  For a show pig, if you got one with these markings they can be shown as a market pig, but not breeding show stock.

Samson's brothers were shown Fair 2011 where they recieved Grand and Reserve in market!

Picture of her at our 2011 Fair.


Baby was shown as a 6 month old breeding gilt.  She was shown by our first year junior 4-Her.  He showed against Senior competetors in the Hampshire Breeding Class and she took Reserve Grand Champion at only 167lbs.  She still had some growing to do, but they did very well for their first time.

Check out her Past Piglets!

Taz (below) is her offspring out of Samson.

{ First to most recent: 9, 13, 13, 14 count! }

Pictured here ready for our Fair 2012 @ 4 1/2 months old & 150lbs.

Spotted (with white)

Sire: Samson ~ Dam: BabyDoll

Taz is super gentle, will let you pet her anywhere.  She has all the great personality qualities of her parents.

Fair 2012... She was in the Top of the Class in breeding gilt.  Was complimented for her well built frame and excellent movement and stride.

{ First to most recent: 9, 10, 9}

Pictured here at our Fair 2013 @ 7 months old & 357lbs.


Durok/Spotted Cross (with white)

Red is an awesome fast growing heavy built girl.

Fair 2013... GRAND CHAMPION in her weight class for market hog.

Was complimented for her well built frame and easy movement.

{ First to most recent:  15}

Pictured here right after our Fair 2013 @ 5 months old & 250lbs.

Exotic Red

Durok/Hamp Cross

Fair 2013... She took Grand Champion in Showmanship!

She is a very friendly, curious, and very stout short built girl.

{ First to most recent:  9}

. . . Reference Gilts/Sows . . .

Pictured all clipped and ready for our Fair 2012.

Exotic Black

Beauty is very friendly and outgoing.

She is short built, square, and has a perfect smooth topline.  She shows alot of the Hampshire traits.

She did great in our 2012 Fair!  Very impressive mover and square built gilt.

{ First to most recent: 10, 8! }

Pictured here at our Fair 2013 @ 4 1/2 months old & 195lbs.

Exotic Black

Hampshire/Blue Butt Cross

Sire: Blu ~ Dam: Taz

Piggie is super friendly and curious.

She is a mirror image of Taz, as she has a fantastic compact short height and stout built frame, but is also very free easy moving and good stride.

~ Past Piglets ~ . . . Updated 3/8/13

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