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Our Kids' accomplishments/experiences and Neat Creatures here at our home!

2009 4-H Accomplishments

Dakota's 4-H entries

  Showing Chinchilla Satin Buck "ChaCha"


Grand Champion Market Lamb (won against the breeder we bought the lamb from)  "Kodiak"

Just wait till next year!!! Dakota is going to show our own 'Miller Farms' Angus Bred/Raised Breeding Heifer!

Austin's 1st year as a 4-Her

He had more entries then his brothers and took the responsibility to care for them on his own.

   Reserve Champion Crossbred Swine  "Oinker"


Judge said he loved how he carried himself so effortlessly for being such a heavy weight pig.

{Everyone thought that Austin's pig was Dakota's pig, cause it was bigger then Austin himself}

In Carcass Show Austin was told by the processor, he had the best looking marbling and quality meat out of all the contestants entered.


Born March 2009.  Weighed 272lbs. at fair time.  Can't get any tamer than this!  Just a big sweethearted pig.


Reserve Champion Lamb & 4th in Overall  "Blast Off"

Austin's lamb went through alot to get to the show ring.  We bought him in April, he was 3 months old and they sheared him to sale at this production sale.  It was windy and so cold your fingers burned when the wind hit them.  So he got a cough from being exposed to the weather.  Then when we sheared him, our blades were dull, so we sent to get more and in the meantime, flies decided to attatck his hindquarters where he had been shaved.  He was growing hair back when we took him to the fair.  He was such a pocket pet by the time Austin showed him.

  Out of our Girl Cassy and Hot Stuff!

Grand Champion (6 months and under) Breeding Goat & Reserve Champion overall Breeding


1st Bucket Calf   "MooMoo"

Dallas' entries this year were:


Showed his Holland Lop Rabbits and his Nubian Goat  " Foxy Dancer"  (open class)

Dallas will be in 4-H next year and plans to do a pig, possibly a bucket calf, among other things.

2008 4-H Animals

(1st year) Reserve Champion Bucket calf ~ (2nd year) Grand Champion breeding goat


(1st year) Reserve Champion market lamb

   Satin junior doe from "AlmostAFarm".  Grand Champion.


Austin with mini rex "Red" & Dallas with holland lop "Sven"    Listen & learning!

      Young showmen in the making! :)

We had a blast this year with 4-H and hope you enjoy the pictures!

Showing at the Clark County Fair 2007


Dakota & Austin showing their 1st rabbits 

Good Job!  Dakota showing Gwen in the breeding class.

Winning Reserve Champion against all those full grown does!

     Dakota learning from the judge's advice!

Dallas & Dakota

Proud of their rabbits!

Dakota showing Mojo!

Mojo's first show too. :)

"Could he be an animal ranger or zoo keeper"?

Austin (age 5) and his first snake catch.

The bull snake (gopher snake) was 5'2" long

Other pets past and present...

Black Shoulder Cock & Hen  ~  DOB April 2005




The hen fluffed and struttin' her stuff!

Ring Neck Snake

"Pistol our Female Amazon Parrot"


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