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Website is updated often, it takes precedence over all advertisements; as to price, availability, & descriptions.

* Typical prices: $20 and up for pet  ~  $40 and up for purebred  ~  $60 and up for pedigreed *

  Don't know WHERE we are...  Please LOOK it up before contacting us.  

 We are in Englewood, Kansas! 

 South West Kansas  {South of Dodge City, Ks ~ North of Woodward, Ok}

  Don't know WHERE we are...  Please LOOK it up before contacting us. 

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. . . Bunny breeds we raise are . . .

Expected Litters:   We have babies born from November to May.

We do not breed from June to September.

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 Please Email us if you are interested in a breed we offer. 

 We can share pictures and details by email, for those times 

 when we are unable to get updates completed on here. 

* * * Read Information on Deposit & Purchase Details  (bottom of page)


To ALL who brought our bunnies into their homes and to ALL that have returned again to add another bunny!

{Five Mile Creek Bunnies}

Rabbits are great for 4-H projects, for newcomers as a pet, or to take to shows!

We are here for any questions you may have, if it be your first time to own a rabbit or just have an inquiry that we may be able to help with.

All our bunnies are handled or petted daily and many have been to show and tell!

We breed for gentle temperment, good color & fur, and quality conformation!

NEW!!!    Rabbit Care Guidelines   (information on typical rabbit care)

Mini Rex Breed Description

Holland Lop Breed Description

Netherland Dwarf Breed Description

Please Read...

~ Serious Inquiries Only Please ~

Contact us to reserve your choice bunny(s).  By placing a deposit it can not be sold to any one else.  Choice will be in order of deposits made and received.

Unless a deposit has been made... any bunny is available for sale.

View parents pictures on our Bunnies page.

Page is updated when changes occur:  new litters born, litters expected, or sales made.

We update pictures about once a week.   The date the baby bunnies are ready is listed.

*HOLD/PENDING: Evaluating to keep, pending choice, waiting for gender verification.

*Some bunnies on HOLD will be available once choices made.

RESERVED: Bunny has deposit in place.     AVAILABLE: Bunny is for sale.

~ Some  prices  can  be  negotiable  so  don't  hesitate  to  ask  or  make  an  offer  ~

If pedigree is available, although bunny was purchased without it.  The pedigree can be purchased, up to 6 months after purchase date.  Make sure to mention, as your bunny will need tattoed.

Please Note:  If you are inquiring to add a baby bunny to your home or rabbitry, we need to have a deposit in place.  Several people/places have pre-set to purchase bunnies from us, so reserves need to be made as soon as possible, prefferably before they are weaned.

We can email additional pictures at your request! 

Genders will be posted as soon as possible, usually around 4-6 weeks, depending on size of breed.  No guarantee on gender if reserved prior to verifyingWe check the gender again before they leave for their new home.  It can be mistaken if the bunny is still very small when leaving here.  So we encourage you to check the sex of the bunny you purchase before you leave.  We will not be obligated to refund any bunny because of wrong sex, but we will consider an option for exchange (or discount on another bunny) if this is brought to our attention within one week of purchase.

At the time of sale, rabbits sold as show, brood, or pet animals will be in good health.  Changes can occur as they mature, so breeding or show success can not be guaranteed.

Note:  Certain kits may be ON HOLD.  They can become available again if the preffered gender isn't correct.  So if you like any bunnies that are "ON HOLD", let us know.  You will be contacted the minute that bunny becomes available.

Page is updated often but always good to contact us for availability.

Up to Date contact/waiting list.  To notify you when your choices are available.

    Deposits are your guarantee!

A deposit is necessary to hold a bunny, if you are for certain purchasing a bunny.  So it isn't held from another person and then you change your mind.  All deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred (one time) to a bunny of equal or more value.



      On purchases of two or more Bunnies priced at $40 or higher, take $5 off each bunny.

Thanks for Looking!!!

Have a    Hoppin' Day!

* * * Details on Deposit, Discount, Payments, Boarding, Delivery/Pickup * * *

DEPOSIT:  All bunnies are first come first serve!  Deposit received will guarantee the order of choice.  A Deposit is required to hold any bunny from being sold.  The DEPOSIT is HALF the purchase PRICE if more then $60 or in FULL if $60 or less.  The remaining amount due is paid in CASH ONLY, on pickup or delivery.

DISCOUNT:  Discount of $5 on each bunny that are priced $40 and higher, if purchase more then one.  Even if the 2nd bunny is for a friend or other family.  As long as paid together, discount will apply.  Total amount due no later then ready date specified (on young animals) or agreed pickup date (on weaned or adult animals).

BOARDING FEES:  There is a $1 a day fee per bunny for the 1st week, if not picked up as scheduled.  After that week, the boarding fee is $3 a day.  This fee will be paid prior to release of bunny(s).  If pickup is not completed by 30 days after the ready date/agree date, then the sale is automatically declined and all money received is non-refundable.

TRANSFER OF DEPOSIT:  If we are notifed ahead of time that you can not complete purchase or pickup your bunny, money received can be transferred one time to another bunny later on, of equal or higher value.

FORFEIT OF DEPOSIT:  If notified, before bunnies are ready to pick up, that you can not complete or do not intend on it later, results in: purchases over $60, the deposit amount is forfeited and any remaining balance that was paid will be refunded.  For purchases of $60 or less, the money is non-refundable.  If notified that you can't complete or pick up on/after the ready date, all money is forfeited.  The bunny(s) reserved will be available to other buyers' at that time.

TRANSPORTATION:  Transport is the responsibility of the buyer.  We do offer delivery up to 150 miles from us.  Delivery charge is .60cents/per mile round trip and must be paid prior to delivery date.  Delivery cost will be divided among buyers, if meeting in same place and time.

Deposit recieved is non-refundable.  Any changes to this, is at the discretion of the seller.

Some or all of these apply:  Pedigree certificate (if applies), tattoo applied (if asked to do so).

Bunnies listed are subject to removal or price change at anytime.  If you have contacted us prior to a price increase, we will ensure the price when you originally contacted us.  All bunnies are sold "AS IS" unless otherwise stated in written contract.

Reasonable offers are considered.  Good homes are most important to us and our bunnies.

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