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Birds for Sale . . . Updated 8/11/2021

Website is updated often, it takes precedence over all advertisements; as to price, availability, & descriptions.

~ Occasionally we have birds available for sale...  look below or email for availability ~

We can't guarantee gender, but will educated guestimate after they mature above 2 months old.

 ~ Chicken EGGS for sale ~ Updated 8/11/2021  

 ~ Mostly brown eggs {light, dark and liver brown} ~

Contact us if you are interested in some fresh eggs!

$3.00 dozen ~ $4.50 dozen and half

Two different batches of our freshly collected eggs!

Pickup required or optional convenient meeting date and time.

 ~ Ducks for sale ~  Updated 8/11/2021  

 ~ Currently SOLD out till we get younger stock ~

~ Contact for more details and pictures ~

Cross: $5 (up to 1 month old) ~ $8 (1-2 months) ~ $10 (2 months and up)

Welsh Harlequin: $10 (up to 2 months) ~ $20 (2 months and up)

Call Ducks

Picture of one of our Welsh Harlequin Hens setting.

Contact us if you are interested in getting some.

Thanks for looking!

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