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Updated 7/31/2019 . . . Welcome to all . . . Enjoy your Visit!!!

Website is updated often, it takes precedence over all advertisements; as to price, availability, & descriptions.

Livestock for sale

Contact us directly for pictures, more details, or any questions.

   Available NOW...

1. Piglets available.

2. Baby goats...  One Dappled Buckling available $250

Stainless Steel Feeder ~ Etc...

Copy and paste link to view what is currently available:


   Coming Soon ...

Goats expected to kid Dec 2019 to Jan 2020

Will breed for Piglets Dec 2019 to Jan 2020

 Discounts available, depending on Quality & Availability

Baby Bunnies born from November-May.

We don't breed from June to September.

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Family Raised Horses, Bunnies,, Pigs, and more.  We are located in Englewood, Kansas.

Horses:  Miniature ~ Pony ~ Standard

Bunnies:  Mini Rex ~ Holland Lop ~ Netherland Dwarf ~ Lionhead ~ Harlequin

Birds:  Chickens and Eggs

PIGS:  Hampshire ~ Exotic ~ Blue Butt/Duroc

Goats: Boer/Nubian cross

Miscellaneous:  Ball Pythons (super docile pet snake) ~ Fancy Rats

"Our strive is the quality of our breeding, health of our animals, and experiencing the satisfaction of our customers!"  :)


Our kids are very active in 4-H and raise their own animals to show.

Visitors Always Welcome by Appointment Only!


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